Have you ever done anal? Jesse asks her.

Yes she says, sipping the drink he hands to her, unfazed by his question. I love anal. It feels like, like a more, powerful lucid dream because of the added and soft pain. She pauses and says, masochism is still pleasure, pleasure, pleasure, and takes another large sip from her glass and almost hiccups smiling. I like admitting it too.

Another pause occurs and their ears pop clean air and she asks, why do you ask?

Jesse raises his glass to her as if saying cheers and he says, that girl I mentioned before? She was my first time, man, she was my first everything, anything, he says. Our bodies were the first things we wanted to know about each other. She already had a car and so I remember one summer, our first joy ride together to celebrate, and she looked at me in this way driving with one hand, like she was taking me out, like she was the one who was wooing me, and she told me these seats reclined back you know? We have that option. Baby boy.

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